roadside recovery


Vehicles that are rarely maintained have greater chances for untimely breakdowns, unfortunately, even the vehicles that have had routine maintenance can also end up getting in the same road misfortune. Worse, some of these vehicle issues take place at a time and place very unexpected and inconvenient. 

Thankfully, a reliable Union, NJ towing and roadside assistance company is always a call away. Nonetheless, it still pays to be knowledgeable about basic vehicle troubleshooting so you can decide appropriately. Aside from the skills, being equipped with the right tools and gear is also necessary should you end up wanting to carry out a DIY repair. 

You can either entrust the job to a Union towing company or you can gear up to avoid being entirely hopeless when your car breaks down. Should you go with the latter, here are must-have roadside recovery items you will most likely need to invest in: 


  • Tire Replacement Kit

One of the common misfortunes that even a regularly maintained vehicle can never avoid is having a flat tire. Even if you have invested in the most premium tire brand, if fate wants you to accidentally run over a sharp object, it’s a problem you’ll eventually have to deal with. The good news is, tire replacement is a very doable and easy job. The skills required are easy to acquire. But of course, this cannot be carried out if you don’t have a good tire replacement kit with you.

A tire replacement kit includes a tire jack, a lug wrench, and of course, a spare tire and fortunately, modern car manufacturers already have these baked in their vehicles. If you are not sure though, make sure to double-check and secure yours ASAP if you don’t have them yet. 

  • Tire Sealant

Aside from your tire replacement kit, a tire sealant is also worth investing in. Instead of using your spare tire and going through the entire tire replacement process in addressing minor leaks, the sealant will come in handy as a temporary solution. 


  • Battery Jumper Cables

Another common car problem is having a dead or dying battery and while a DIY battery jumpstart is doable, it requires a good set of battery jumper cables to be performed successfully. 

However, experts have always been vocal in discouraging vehicle owners to carry out a jumpstart knowing the potential perils that may come along the way. Not to mention, battery jumpstarting is a time-consuming and complicated job that is more often than not risky to do especially in an unfamiliar area. For the experts, such a job is best handled by real professionals from a reputable nearby tow truck company, so decide considerably. 

  • Basic Tools

Of course, your basic mechanical knowledge will not be enough in addressing more advanced car issues in the middle of the road but still, it is best to load the basic essentials at all times, e.g. a wrench, a screwdriver, etc. 

Also, included in this category are the necessary early warning devices that you will need to deploy before and after your car. The role of these devices is to keep your halted car noticeable in the eyes of oncoming and approaching vehicles. 


Sometimes, even if you have exercised the best caution behind the wheel, you can still end up stuck in the mud or in snow. A reliable tow company in and around Union will be able to get you out of the situation with ease but if you want to deal with it on your own, you need to have the right tools with you:

  • Work Gloves – A pair of work gloves will keep your hands protected from the actual hazards that may come with dislodging your vehicle.  
  • Shovel, to help dig the mud or snow away quickly. 
  • A recovery strap – In case another vehicle offers help, the recovery strap will help free your car from the site. Should you plan to use this, make sure the straps have loops on each end to ensure a secure knot.  
  • Winch and recovery gear – These will come in handy in case you plan to drive on areas where you are likely to get stuck. But of course, that is what tow trucks are for. They ultimately serve as the best towing equipment with the right mechanism to tow your car away from a particular site securely. 

If you are residing in or around Union, New Jersey, a good tow truck company with affordable towing rates like Union Tow Truck is just a call away. Give them a call anytime you want instead of having to deal with it on your own. Union Tow Truck will be there in minutes to respond and pull your vehicle out. 


  • Flashlights

Road misfortunes choose no time and place to happen. Hence, it pays to bring flashlights with you and be prepared in case they decide to take place at night.  

  • Personal Essentials (mobile phone, power bank, umbrella, pen, and paper, etc) 

In this digital age, one thing you must never forget to bring with you is your mobile phone. Being the primary tool for communication, without it, you will not be able to make a call for help or rescue. Also, mobile phones nowadays already have a built-in flashlight function which you can take advantage of. But of course, to keep it powered on, you should secure a fully loaded power bank.  

  • First Aid Kit

Car breakdowns are already stressful at that but the situation can, unfortunately, get worse in some situations especially if accidents arise as you attempt a repair. This is where first aid kits become highly necessary.  

  • Food and Water Supply 

If it is a long trip you are about to have and your destination is somehow a remote area, it is best to pack emergency food (especially nonperishable) and water with you. These are going to be a lifesaver before you know it. 

But of course, although these DIY roadside assistance items are good to have, nothing is better and safer than calling a reputable roadside assistance and towing company in Union, New Jersey such as Union Tow Truck. 

Here at Union Tow Truck, we are a team of highly trained tow operators and car recovery professionals who are seasoned to carry out the job after years of work in the field. Safety is always worth investing in, especially with our cheapest tow truck rates. Save our digits today; you’ll be thankful you did!