How to Identify a Good Towing Company From Bad

No matter how hard you condition your vehicle before a trip, car accidents and breakdowns can happen at any point in time. It may be caused by a mechanical problem, an automobile malfunctioning, a roadway collision, a something technical, or your tire just ran over a nail or any sharp object. Situations like this are not just draining, they can eat much of our time as well. The good news is, nowadays, reliable road assistance companies like Union Tow Truck are already easy to find throughout New Jersey. With just a call away, Union Tow Truck will dispatch their skilled technicians and professionals right to your location, all ready to carry out their quality road assistance and towing services to help you through your exhausting situation.

A good tow service company is committed to providing only the optimal care for every vehicle they are bound to handle. As car  are pricey and precious belongings, every owner must carefully select which tow business to ask assistance from. In finding New Jersey’s best towing company, Union Tow Truck is one of the few that can be relied on in terms of services’ quality  and the promptness and courteousness of staff.

Already have tow companies in mind  aside from Union Tow Truck to consider? To guide you as you decide, here’s how to identify a good towing company from a bad one:

  • Reliability | Availability – A good tow truck company should be up and running 24/7, ready to respond to your towing needs even in the middle of the night. Look for the one that you can count on to assist you at all times; not the one that leaves you stuck in the middle of the road all night til 8 o’clock in the morning.


  • Reliability | Promptness – Towing needs would usually require urgent assistance. The right company’s tow truck in Union should be able to respond on site as quickly as possible, even if the location is outside the city. Remember, a little response delay can already put the situation at risk; this usually comprises your safety, your passenger’s safety, and the safety of other people you are sharing the road with. To be able to assess if a tow company is worth considering, know what resources the tow company has to guarantee a fast response.


  • Knowledge and Experience – A good towing company only assigns reputable and skilled technicians and tow truck operators to respond to the scene. Because customers and their vehicles are being valued highly, the right company also sends its professionals to various training programs all with a goal to perform the best service to every person in need.​​​


  • Professionalism – A good tow company employs people that show courteousness, respect, and professionalism from receiving emergency calls all the way to performing the job on site. The towing technicians should be able to handle every vehicle with extra care and do all means possible to avoid damage using modern and quality facilities under the towing services. As with the handling of emergency calls, the call-operator should be able to answer the phone immediately and should be armed with enough knowledge to provide answers to inquiries. More importantly, the call-receiver should be able to provide reliable ETA and should make sure the team is able to live up to that promise.  Sometimes, it is wiser not to jump in to cheap deals. Just because a tow company is cheap, it does not mean it is the best option there is.


  • Up to Date – A good tow company is armed with modern equipment from the hardware to the trucks and other important essentials. Do not settle with a company that provides a cheap rate but also dispatches an old and cheap tow truck to address your towing needs. Go with the provider that shows dependability in their tools and trucks used.

  • Reasonable Costing – Do not be keen of the service costs. Even though towing needs usually mean an unexpected expense, the right tow company would offer a reasonable and realistic quote. Bear in mind that a low service fee is not an indicative of best quality service. In assessing the options, make sure you have compared the charges and services offered. Go for the one that has no hidden costs and whose final charge is the same, if not higher, than the quoted figure.

However, these qualities cannot be rated at first glance. Thus, if you want to be best assisted in deciding, you may rely on testimonials as these are usually an accurate basis. More often than not, a good company is flooded with star ratings depicting the satisfaction their past customers have received with regards to the tow services rendered.