Every once in a while, you may encounter a flat tire while driving. Or perhaps your car’s battery suddenly died while you were out. In situations like these, should you call your car insurance for roadside assistance ?

You may call them, but you have a lot of options when you have car trouble, and it’s not always practical to call the insurance company for assistance. Thus, it is important that you already have a contact for tire change service or roadside assistance.

Of course, it makes sense to contact your car insurance first to ensure you’re not paying for roadside assistance protection for no reason. Right?

This comes down to your insurance policy, coupled with how frequently you require them to help. Furthermore, most insurance policies work to protect your vehicle, though it doesn’t mean that it will make your life easy. When an unfortunate event takes place, calling the hotline of a reliable roadside assistance and local tow company that does flat tire service might be your only chance to save you time. 

Particularly if you have multiple insurance claims at once, which drives up your premiums. As an alternative, you can contact a tow truck nearby. 

If you only need minor services like lockout service, out of gas service, or jumpstart service, you need not involve your insurance company. 

With involving an insurance company, comes the involvement of insurance claim adjusters. There may be a lot of back and forth, which can take up hours of your time.  

So, if your car repairs only require small services, then you can choose to just contact the nearest roadside assistance in order to help get your car back up and running.