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Union Breakdown Service

While you may have been diligent with regards to taking care of your vehicle by maintaining with routine preventive maintenance service, this will not totally exempt your vehicle from breaking down. At the same time, the likelihood of getting involved in road misfortunes and accidents is a constant that even the best drivers can’t eradicate. Environmental circumstances, such as potholes or accidents are completely out of our control. 
Such situations are stressful,  especially if you or any passengers are stuck in the middle of the road and incapable of moving for even an inch more. The good news is that you can always call a reputable towing service nearby like Union Tow Truck, to keep you out of the road’s dangers.
You’ll find a lot of tow truck Union service providers and that of other cities in New Jersey and the amount of options may be overwhelming. As such is the case, it is vital that you be able to make a sound decision about who to appropriately call and when to call them. While your car issues may seem manageable at first and fixing it on your own can be downright tempting, it would be wise to leave the work to the professionals as it would require proper skills, knowledge, and tools to get the job done right with quality. Sticking with DIY repair may only worsen the damage or expose you to further risk.
Common triggers of car breakdowns that usually demand roadside assistance and tow service include dead battery, flat tire, dead or overheating engine, and leaking fluids. These are something a reputable and trustworthy company like Union Tow Truck can respond to and fix promptly. No matter what time or where you are calling for help, as long as it is within Union or Essex County, then Union Tow Truck will gladly come to your rescue with our 24/7 roadside assistance and 24 hour towing services.
Union Tow Truck is composed of a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can do the job efficiently and gracefully even in times of critical situations. Since our company was founded, Union Tow Truck has consistently provided only reliable, prompt, and yet affordable roadside assistance and towing services in and around Union, New Jersey.
For all your towing Union needs, you have Union Tow Truck to count on at all times. Give us a call and you’ll never regret you did.