The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the economy. A lot of businesses that were just starting up, and even the corporate giants, have suffered from its wrath and consequences. The only ones left standing strong were those under the essential sectors. And while it is odd to sound to some, the NJ towing and roadside assistance sector is considered one of the essentials in these trying times.

In Union, New Jersey, trusted towing service companies like Union Tow Truck have continued to serve people who are caught up in unfavorable road situations. It may not be convincing enough to many but at some point, you too might also end up needing a tow or roadside assistance rescue. Such misfortunes take place at a place and time unexpected, thus it pays to be aware and acknowledgeable of a tow company’s importance.

Below are reasons why a Union towing service is considered essential up to date:

Reason #1: A Union towing company provides roadside assistance.

In this age, people are willing to work harder to afford convenience. In Union, New Jersey alone, more and more people are investing in a four-wheel drive after recognizing it as a necessity. As this part of the population grows, more vehicle owners are going to need reliable roadside assistance at some point. With the road misfortunes being unpredictable and uncontrollable as they are, it pays to know a company you know that will never leave you helpless in the middle of the road and its perils in case of emergency.
Some of the roadside assistance services often offered by a reliable Union tow truck service include:

  •  Battery Jumpstart Service – A reliable Union towing service like Union Tow Truck knows that roadside emergencies such as dead battery breakdowns choose no time or place to occur. Thankfully, all it takes is a call to your trusted tow company in Union to have seasoned technicians come to your rescue to perform a battery jumpstart service on site. In no time, you will be swiftly back on the road.


  • Gas Delivery – Running out of gas in the middle of a long trip is never okay, let alone finding out that there is no gas station nearby where you can fuel up. This is where gas delivery services come in handy. Thankfully, this Union towing service is also committed to taking care of this problem. A truly reliable company will deliver your needed gas in minutes, no matter how remote your location may be in or around Union, New Jersey.


  • Tire Replacement – One of the common reasons for emergency calls is because vehicle owners ended up running over a sharp object, e.g. glass remnants, loose nails, causing their tires to deflate. And while tire replacement is a skill a lot of drivers know, if the circumstance took place at an unfamiliar place, you also have to consider the other potential perils that you might end up also facing. For cases where more danger lies in performing a DIY tire replacement, it pays to seek  professional help instead. A reliable tow and roadside assistance company like Union Tow Truck will definitely be there in minutes because we very well know that time is of the essence.

Reason #2: A tow company like Union Tow Truck is seasoned at getting a vehicle unstuck from a situation via their premium quality tow services.

Whether you are stuck in the snow or you got in a road accident in summer a reliable tow service provider in Union, New Jersey can always come to the rescue to perform flatbed or long distance towing that you need.

 Our goal is to keep you safe on the road. Give us a call; from now on, you will no longer be helpless in dealing with unfortunate roadside situations. A lot of vehicle owners in and around Union, New Jersey rely on Union Tow Truck; it’s for a reason.