Worst Times To Drive This Holiday Season- TRANSIT AUTO RESCUE

It is a common sight to see people getting all the more busier and thrilled during the holiday season. November and December are the months where people usually travel from city to city to attend gatherings and reunions with distant family and friends, not to mention the Thanksgiving and Christmas’s back to back celebrations. More often than not, we get too excited that we tend to forget the big possibility that the traffic is awaiting and ready to piss us off.

During the holiday season, the streets are likely as much bustling and the horns you can hear can be very overwhelming. That being taken into account, it is downright important to be prepared. This includes being able to identify the worst times to drive or travel this holiday season:

  • During Thanksgiving Day

People love to procrastinate most of the time, even in travelling. Record shows that as the Thanksgiving day nears, more people opt to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday before it. And more often than not, this causes the traffic jam. That is why it is believed that the best day to travel for Thanksgiving and do away with the traffic is likely on the Sunday or Monday of that week, or on the Thanksgiving day itself.

History also shows that the weekend following the Thanksgiving Day is usually where people travel the most back to their places. Thus, it is wise to stay longer where you are and avoid driving home right away. But if your schedule does not permit and you still have important meetings to catch up, then driving on Thanksgiving Day is the best step to take. As much as possible though, travel during mornings or afternoons as traffic begins picking up again in the evening.

  • During Christmas and New Year

Historically, Christmas and New Years cause the worst traffic jams; thus the least friendly times to drive. During these days and the days surrounding them, you can most likely experience traffic on the road. And as these days are celebrated with much boozes, Christmas and New Year times are usually where a lot of alcohol-related car crashes are recorded.

As it is impossible to just stay in one place in preparing for these two special events, should you need to drive, it is always best to just drive on an early schedule. Avoid driving around in the evening where fatal crashes usually happen. Remember, while you may have reassured yourself that you are never driving under the influence of alcohol, the truth is you have no control of the people you are going to be with on the road. The dangers of it remain. And even if the most unfortunate does not happen, the chances of you getting stuck in the middle of traffic is relatively high.

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